Western Washington University
Independent Study, English 400
Spring Quarter, 1995

Novels by Toni Morrison:

This homepage is *not* intended to be all-inclusive or an authority on anything to do with Toni Morrison. My intention was just to put my thoughts and feelings about her novels into words (and to get a decent grade in my independent study class). This page includes opinions, questions, plus a hypertext journey through various motifs and themes I recorded in each story. I had planned on taking these pages down in the summer of '95, after I received my grade for this project. I decided to leave them up after I received several email messages with positive comments, so thank you to those of you who take the time to let me know you found these pages helpful.

*SPOILER ALERT* If you haven't finished one of the books and you decide to check the above links out anyway you will discover that some characters die and other things happen that you might not have expected. Please keep this in mind if that matters to you. If it does matter please remember to come back after you've finished the book. :)

Before you write *PLEASE* scan my list of [Frequently Asked Questions]. So far there are only six questions but people really do ask them a lot. Please read the questions to see if you were going to ask something similar.

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